Duckodile Hunt Review

Don’t download Duckodile Hunt. It’s a terrible game from a bunch of spammers. Avoid all apps by Ozymandia. 0 out of 5 stars. Stay away. Don’t waste your time with this terrible game. Duckodile Hunt is boring and stupid. The developers are spammers.

Square Peg in Round Hole

That’s because what LG actually did last night was verify that round displays on smartwatches are real. They’re “a thing.” The Moto 360 isn’t a one-trick pony, a one-off; the industry has officially figured out how to deliver round wearables, and it’s going to do so on a measurable scale.
-The Verge

I grit my teeth every time I hear something like this, that smartwatches need to be round because watches are round. It doesn’t make any sense what so ever. Do people drag their cars around with horses because horses are the way transportation devices have always been dragged around?

The very term “smartwatch” is just as dumb and “horseless carriage”.

What digital information or interface is made better by being round?

It’s real simple: if the market isn’t ready for computers with rectilinear displays worn on the wrist, then the market isn’t ready for smartwatches.

Only a Woman

“[Whitney Wolfe’s] pitch was pretty genius. She would go to chapters of her sorority, do her presentation, and have all the girls* at the meetings install the app. Then she’d go to the corresponding brother fraternity—they’d open the app and see all these cute girls they knew.” Tinder had fewer than 5,000 users before Wolfe made her trip, Munoz says; when she returned, there were some 15,000. “At that point, I thought the avalanche had started,”
– Bloomberg Businessweek

What galls me most about the sexism in this case is that only a woman could have done that. Only a woman could have gotten Tinder off the ground. And yet it’s the woman that gets pushed out of her position as a co-founder and later it forced out of the company.

Stupid misogynist assholes are stupid misogynist assholes.

* “Girls”? What, were they like 12 years old or something? Can we call them young women instead of girls?

Google Babysitter

It [Android Wear] takes advantage of Google Now to give you relevant contextual information as you’re traveling through your day—restaurant reservations, transit schedules, plane tickets—all displayed on your wrist.
– Wired

Where does this end, does it tell you who to date and when to take a shit. How much hand-holding do we want? When do you get to live, you know, on your own as an adult human?

Waiting for a Dell

2013-12-09The line outside the Scottsdale Microsoft Store at 8:30 AM. Waiting for the $99 Dell Venue Pro. The line was about twice as long as this and would have been longer if there wasn’t an employee letting people know that all the Dell Venues they had were already sold to people at the front of the line.

I should have gotten there earlier.

The Second Amendment

“I’m not going to pass judgment on whether armies should exist, but I would prefer to not spread and democratise the ability to fight war to every single human being.

– Eric Schmidt

Oh, sorry, he was talking about drones, not guns. How I could I have mixed that up?