Duckodile Hunt Review

Don’t download Duckodile Hunt. It’s a terrible game from a bunch of spammers. Avoid all apps by Ozymandia. 0 out of 5 stars. Stay away. Don’t waste your time with this terrible game. Duckodile Hunt is boring and stupid. The developers are spammers.

Price of Windows Surface Pro

Please note, the following is guess work. I have no inside knowledge on which to build the following wild speculations.

The upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro (with keyboard) will be $999. Or if Microsoft does really well with part sourcing (and maybe takes a slim to no markup or even sells them at a loss) $799. If things go less smoothly, it’ll be $1199. $1499 would mark an utter failure, but I see that as being a very remote possibility. If it was that high, I would expect Steve Ballmer to make two announcements:

  1. Here is the new Microsoft Surface Pro for $1499
  2. Here is my resignation.

On the other extreme, if the Pro came out at $599, it would be a freaking home run.

But price is just one half of what makes a successful product launch. The other half is availability. I don’t have a lot of confidence (this is strictly my gut talking) that Microsoft can deliver as many units to keep up with demand should there be a demand.

But that might not be such a bad thing. If there isn’t enough inventory to keep up with a strong demand, it would likely keep the Pro in the news as people whine about not being able to get one.

“It’s so popular, we can’t keep up with demand.” That’s not the worst thing to say, it piques people’s interest. And it could work for Microsoft’s OEMs, it would give them some slack and an audience wanting to buy a Windows Surface Pro tablet.

It might also take the sting out a price that might be a little on the high side. Scarcity increases value. Assuming the product is desirable in the first place.