I Can’t Help Myself

black_strap_0I can’t help myself, I like the Samsung Gear S. I know the common wisdom says that no one wants a phone on their wrist. But… well… I do. Or at least, I like the idea of it.

A smartwatch that needs to connect to the phone in my pocket has little interest for me. I don’t get why it’s a thing. They do so little. Maybe it’s because I still have a “small” iPhone 4 (3.5″ screen) that makes me think this way. Pulling a “small” phone like that out of my pocket is really pretty easy. And you know what? Once I have it out, I can use it one handed. Can’t do that with a smartwatch. Sound stupid? It’s not. Think about it. When you get a notification on you watch, you pull that arm up to look at the watch. If you want to do anything with that notification, you have to use your other hand to tap or swipe or whatever. Try to walk a dog, or hold a beverage, or carry a bag when doing that and let me know how it goes.

If I’m going to wear something on my wrist, it better do something useful and not get in my way. Like replace my phone, or at least give me the option to leave the phone behind once in a while. Try that with your Moto 360 or Apple Watch and see how far it gets you.

When I go hiking or running, I don’t need my phone, but I would still like to have GPS and have some level of communication.