Microsoft Surface RT Looks GOOD


Looks like Microsoft did their homework on this one. Seems a bit pricey at $499 (with keyboard). But on the other hand, that’s a damn fine looking keyboard and if it works only half as well as Microsoft says, it’ll be a pretty compelling device. And then there is the little issue of Office. Surface RT comes with Office. Which, for most people, is a very compelling advantage.

Let me just come out and say it, the Surface RT hardware looks awesome. But, god I hate saying this, but it’s running Windows. Wish I didn’t have to say that and I hope I’m wrong but I’m worried that it just won’t measure up. I say this based on my experience with Windows 7 on my four year old MacBook. It was so fast when I installed a few years ago. But over time, the damn thing slowed down so much that I finally gave up and built a PC to replace it. The really damning thing is that OS X still runs very well on it. So it’s not the hardware, it’s the…software. And that’s where I think both RT and Pro will fall short. The hardware won’t be able to keep up with bloatware. Oops, I mean software.

I could be wrong. And I hope that I am wrong because both the Surface RT and PRO look terrific. These could easily be the most exciting things since the iPad. But honestly, I think they could be the biggest things since the iPhone. And that’s big because, in my humble opinion, the iPhone was the biggest thing in computers since the dawn of the PC.



I could gush over the design of the RT, but just look at those pictures. Perfect. And the designers seems 100% on their game. I litterally punched the air in excitment when one designer was talking about the keyboard:

Microsoft Surface Keyboard Design

Full video.