If the iPhone and the Samsung F700 had a Love Child….

…It would look just like the Samsung Galaxy S.

Sort of.

Looking at just the hardware, and just from the front, the F700 really does look like both the iPhone and the Galaxy S.

Image from the verge

What’s important here is that the F700 and the iPhone were released essentially at the same time (within a few months), so it’s hard to call the F700 a copy of the iPhone. Unless Samsung had some secret detailed prior knowledge of what the iPhone was going to look like. But there is no indication of that.



From the front (and with the phone off), all three of these devices have the same slate like appearance that we have all become so familiar with. This is not what phones looked like in 2006. Samsung clearly has some design intent here that shows up later in the Galaxy S and their tablets. Still, the rest of the Galaxy S bares more than a passing resemblance to the iPhone. And once you look at the UI, it’s little more than a direct clone.