This Whole Apple Thing

John Gruber of Daring Fireball is just killing it with his coverage of the FBI’s case with Apple. He is not doing any first hand reporting (though he does add insightful commentary), but what he is doing is culling all sources for the very best reporting on the subject. So rather than just call out each of his posts individually, I’ll create a list here:


To Father a Monster

But according to Colbert, “sustainability concerns have probably had a dampening effect on growth” in the coffee capsule sector. Even John Sylvan, the inventor of the K-cup single-serving coffee pod, America’s biggest selling capsule, last year foreswore his invention. “I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it,” he told one journalist.

I Can’t Help Myself

black_strap_0I can’t help myself, I like the Samsung Gear S. I know the common wisdom says that no one wants a phone on their wrist. But… well… I do. Or at least, I like the idea of it.

A smartwatch that needs to connect to the phone in my pocket has little interest for me. I don’t get why it’s a thing. They do so little. Maybe it’s because I still have a “small” iPhone 4 (3.5″ screen) that makes me think this way. Pulling a “small” phone like that out of my pocket is really pretty easy. And you know what? Once I have it out, I can use it one handed. Can’t do that with a smartwatch. Sound stupid? It’s not. Think about it. When you get a notification on you watch, you pull that arm up to look at the watch. If you want to do anything with that notification, you have to use your other hand to tap or swipe or whatever. Try to walk a dog, or hold a beverage, or carry a bag when doing that and let me know how it goes.

If I’m going to wear something on my wrist, it better do something useful and not get in my way. Like replace my phone, or at least give me the option to leave the phone behind once in a while. Try that with your Moto 360 or Apple Watch and see how far it gets you.

When I go hiking or running, I don’t need my phone, but I would still like to have GPS and have some level of communication.



From Head to Toe

The new Moto Hint (from Motorola) is a smart bluetooth headset that is smarter than it looks because it hints (sorry) at a real future of connected technologies worn on the body.

This will make me sound old, but here goes: Image you have a big smartphone in your pocket, a smartwatch on your wrist, and a smart bluetooth headset in your ear. Now imagine your phone rings (this is the part where I sound old – people using their phones to talk). You glance at your watch to see who is calling, you tap to accept the call, and you just start talking (into your headset). OK, so maybe you are young and you get a text on your watch and just want to send a quick voice message back. Rather than looking a little silly by talking into your watch, you can just use your headset to record the message. Granted, it might seem a little weird to people around you that you randomly say something like, “Pizza at 6 sounds great, see you then”, but nothing is perfect.

The Case

Honestly, then case looks a little goofy, but it makes a lot of sense, because:

  • It charges the headset to keep you going all day
  • It makes it big enough so you won’t loose it

The Wood

MOTO-HINT-walnut-540w37iwbteNo. If you think hardwood dashboards look good, you are wrong. And stupid. They don’t. They look silly (at least in modern cars). Having LEDs and electronic buttons and knobs sticking out of a really over lacquered piece of wood in your car does not add luxury, it just looks dumb. One of the joys of buying a cheap Toyota is that I don’t have to have that shit in my car. Modern cars should be made with modern materials and not try and pretend like they are horseless carriages.

Oh yeah, so my point here is that the little wood panel on the Hint is embarrassing. The new Motorola has been doing a really fine job with design, but apparently, they still need someone on their team that can veto demonstrably silly ideas.